Whether you are looking to direct hire, trial hire, or temporarily acquire talent, there are many reasons to use Simmons Staffing.  Here are two outstanding examples:
    1. Save Time.  The average time from interview to offer is 22.5 days.  Add the additional time of posting the position, acquiring resumes, and scheduling interviews, and you have quickly lost a large amount of time.  Simmons Staffing has a pool of qualified, skilled candidates ready to go to work for you immediately.
    2. Save Money.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average cost for a new employee is $57,967.88 including benefits, taxes, and basic wages.  Couple this figure with overtime during position vacancy, advertising expenses, recruiting costs, screening and testing expenditures, and this figure will grow considerably.  Simmons Staffing offers a set cost per hire.  Also, employees contracted through Simmons Staffing fall under our unemployment and worker’s compensation claims.  This can quickly reduce your costly overhead due to injuries and turnover.
Call Simmons Staffing today.  We are here for you.