Start a Career with Simmons Staffing

While the economy has been improving over the past few years, some employers are still cautious when it comes to hiring full-time workers. Instead, they’re turning to temporary help to fill their immediate staffing needs.

According to a recent survey, predicting 2023 hiring trends, 75 percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers in 2023, up from 50 percent in 2022. That’s good news for job seekers considering temporary employment. There are many reasons why someone may seek a temporary job; being unemployed, having trouble finding a full-time position and looking for flexibility are just a few. Whatever the motivation may be, temporary employment can be a rewarding experience that could lead to a long-term career.

The benefits of working for Simmons Staffing

Builds your skills: With temporary employment, you can work in a variety of settings. This affords you the opportunity to learn how different companies operate and gain new skills that you might not have otherwise acquired if you worked full time. Trying out different roles can also help you determine what it is that you like to do. Maybe you always thought you wanted to be in finance, but after temping at a sales-driven company, you realize you’re good at customer service and enjoy the rush of making a sale.

Boosts your network: Temporary positions are a good way to meet and connect with new people professionally. Establishing relationships with your colleagues can be beneficial, should you have an opportunity to work there permanently down the road. Also, your new contacts can provide job leads, connect you with other people in the industry or serve as job references.

Potential for permanent placement: If a full-time job is what you’re after, a temporary position may help you achieve that goal. Among the employers surveyed by Indeed who plan to hire temporary workers in 2023, 82 percent expect to transition some temporary workers into full-time, permanent employees throughout the year.

Simmons Staffing is, and will always be, there to help our Employees!